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Ulster Orchestra′s Pied Piper, an original composition by Brian Irvine - Inspired by London 2012.

Saturday 14th March 2009 at 3pm 0 Comments


In a way that has never happened at any previous Olympic Games or Paralympic Games, the London 2012 culture programme is open for all the communities of London and around the rest of the UK to join in. It′s part of their commitment to make London 2012 everyone′s Games and to put culture at the heart of the Games in 2012.

When the Cultural Olympiad was being launched in Northern Ireland, the Ulster Orchestra was keen to become involved and decided to apply for a London 2012 Inspire mark for the Pied Piper project. This project was going to be different to those that we had held before. The plan was to work with a large number of children and organisations to create a very memorable experience for all involved. We realised that the values of the Cultural Olympiad were very relevant to the aims and objectives of our Pied Piper project. The project would welcome cross-community & culturally diverse participants and audience, creating opportunities for interaction with no barriers (welcoming the world); it would inspire young people, by empowering and inspiring them through music & dance; it would deliver a legacy through learning, skills development, social access (breaking down community barriers) and respect for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities; and through work with the Beat Initiative, the parade it would animate the streets between the City Hall and the Waterfront.

The Ulster Orchestra was delighted to be awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark for the Pied Piper project. The project has been a great success and the Inspire Mark is recognition for the hard work, energy and dedication given by every person involved.

"Until the London 1948 Olympic Games, art competitions formed part of the Games with medals awarded in sculpture, music, painting and literature for works inspired by sport. Although that no longer happens, we want the Cultural Olympiad to provide a platform for creative people in every way imaginable.

The range of cultural pursuits also mirrors the many disciplines of a multi-sport Olympic Games. One example is the Pied Piper Project which brought Belfast to a standstill last weekend with 250 children from schools across the Northern Ireland′s communities.

I witnessed the rehearsals led by its creator, Brian Irvine, on my recent Nations and Regions visit and so I am delighted this aspect of the Cultural Olympiad was such a great success.

As part of the London 2012 Organising Committee′s ′Inspire Programme′, the Pied Piper project demonstrates the creative talents in our communities and how we can all be inspired by the power of the Games." — Lord Sebastien Coe, Chair, London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games


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