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Support for the Individual Artist Programme

Sorry, this scheme is closed. If you need help please contact us

All applications in this funding round must be for projects that will be completed between 24th November 2014 and 31st October 2015.  There are five separate funding streams included within the SIAP programme including :


  • General Arts Awards
  • Artists Career Enhancement Scheme
  • Major Individual Award
  • Artists' International Development Fund (Individuals)
  • Travel Awards (Rolling programme)


Applicants may apply to one scheme only in any one funding round (with the exception of Travel Awards)


Please consult the programme guidance notes for full details

Who can apply?

Artists of all disciplines and in all types of working practice, who

(a) have made a contribution to artistic activities in Northern Ireland for a minimum period of one year within the last five years.

In a limited number of cases, individual technical staff/administrators of professional artistic companies may also be eligible.

Applicants can apply to more than one scheme during the year. However, in the case of limited availability of funds, the Arts Council reserves the right to prioritise applicants who have not previously received funding and applications which best meet the criteria.


• Applicants who have already received an award, within the previous 12 months, under the scheme to which they are applying.  This 12 month period runs from the date of the previous award letter.
• Applicants who have broken the conditions of previous grant awards within the previous 4 years (taken from the date of the letter of offer).

SIAP Guidance Notes
SIAP Application Form