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Creative Industries Innovation Fund - Business

Sorry, this scheme is closed. If you need help please contact us

The Department of Culture, Arts & Leisure (DCAL) is the government lead on the creative industries. The Department secured funding for a pilot Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF) for the period 2008-11. The fund was administered by the Arts Council and supported 133 business and 23 sectoral development projects.

DCAL is investing a further £4m over 2011-15 to continue to grow and develop the creative industries. This will include a refocused Creative Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF 2) which will provide support for innovative development of commercially viable content, products, services and experiences capable of competing in global markets.

CIIF 2 is administered by the Arts Council.

How to apply?

Organisations who meet the application criteria can apply online or by completing and returning the hard copy version of the application form

Creative Industries Final Application Reminder from Arts Council of Northern Ireland on Vimeo.

Hard Copy Applications



CIIF Creative Business Application Form
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