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for The Arts in Northern Ireland

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Congratulations on receiving a grant from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland. 

Please remember that you must now acknowledge this funding by including the appropriate Arts Council (ACNI) logo on all associated promotional materials.

Our logos tell people that public money is supporting your work.

Your work is the best advertisement that public funding is being put to good use, and this is why you should display our logos on your promotional materials.

It is a condition of your grant that you acknowledge the source of your funding.

The Letter of Offer you received from the Arts Council will tell you which logo(s) to use.

Please read the short Arts Council Brand Guidelines booklet before using our logos. The guidelines will tell you all you need to know about which logo(s) to use – Exchequer, National Lottery or both – and how to use them.

To identify the right file type for your job, please refer to the Artwork Directory in the Brand Guidelines (pg.13).

If you have read (i) your Letter of Offer and (ii) the Arts Council Brand Guidelines, and are still unsure which logo(s) to use, please seek advice from the Arts Council using the contact numbers below.


Arts Council Brand Guidelines

National Lottery Brand Guidelines


Arts Council of Northern Logo (Exchequer)

Please use this logo if you receive funding from the Arts Council's Exchequer Fund

ACNI_289_1CS (eps)
ACNI_289_4CP (eps)
ACNI_289_1CP (jpg)
ACNI_289_RGB (jpg)
ACNI_289_RGB (png)
ACNI_B_4CP (jpg)
ACNI_B_RGB (jpg)
ACNI_B_RGB (png)
ACNI_M_B_S (eps)
ACNI_M_W_S (eps)
ACNI_W_RGB (png)


ACNI LF Logo (The National Lottery)

Please use this logo if you receive funding from the Arts Council’s National Lottery fund

ACNI_LF_289_1CS (eps)
ACNI_LF_289_4CP (eps)
ACNI_LF_289_4CP (jpg)
ACNI_LF_289_RGB (jpg)
ACNI_LF_289_RGB (png)
ACNI_LF_B_4CP (jpg)
ACNI_LF_M_B_S (eps)
ACNI_LF_M_W_S (eps)


ACNI PF logo (Exchequer Principal Funder)

Use this logo if Arts Council Exchequer funding is your principal source of funding

ACNI_PF_289_1CS (eps)
ACNI_PF_289_4CP (eps)
ACNI_PF_289_CP (jpg)
ACNI_PF_289_RGB (jpg)
ACNI_PF_289_RGB (png)
ACNI_PF_B_4CP (jpg)
ACNI_PF_M_B_S (eps)
ACNI_PF_M_W_S (eps)


ACNI PF/LF logo (Exchequer & National Lottery)

Use this logo if you receive funding from BOTH the Arts Council’s Exchequer Fund AND the Arts Council’s National Lottery fund

ACNI_PF_LF_289_1CS (eps)
ACNI_PF_LF_289_4CP (eps)
ACNI_PF_LF_289_4CP (jpg)
ACNI_PF_LF_289_RGB (jpg)
ACNI_PF_LF_289_RGB (png)
ACNI_PF_LF_B_4CP  (jpg)
ACNI_PF_LF_M_B_S  (eps)
ACNI_PF_LF_M_W_S  (eps)


Artwork Directory

Title Colour File Type
ACNI = Arts Council of Northern Ireland 1CS - 1 colour special Pantone (print) .eps - Scalable vector file
PF = Principal Funder 4CP - 4 colour process CMYK (print) .jpg - Flattened image file (print/screen)
LF = Lottery Funded RGB - Screen and presentation (screen) .png - Image file which preserves transparency (screen)
  M - Mono  
  B - Black  
  S - Solid  
  W - White  


Arts & Older People Programme

Recipients of funding through the Arts & Older People Programme may download branding guidelines specific to this programme, and acknowledgement logos, below:

Brand Guidelines (PDF)

Baring Foundation Blue logo (EPS)

Baring Foundation Blue logo (Jpg)

Public Health Agency (EPS)

Public Health Agency (Jpg)